Goodbye Old World..

With the new game Age of Sigmar nearly upon us, I ask you oh loyal and knowledgeable readers why? Why did GW destroy one of the greatest game backgrounds ever? Ok so maybe Warhammer Fantasy has gone off the boil over the last couple of years, but to destroy the Old World? No more Middenheim City of the White Wolf, no more dangerous treks through the Drakwald Forest, no more Elves and Dwarfs, (from what I hear), no more, oh the list goes on.

Maybe if I had read any of the End of Times series it might have made sense, or maybe not, but the big question has to be, what the hell do you do with your old Warhammer armies? Luckily for me I had already converted my Beastmen to 40k, they will be used as either renegades or abhumans (if you are really lucky I will post some pictures of the base coated horde and maybe even the points for them!) My Wood Elves however have had no conversions but I will still use them as Exodites! And my Ogres have already joined my Imperial Guard, so thats all good.

A little glimpse of my Beastmen, doing what they do best, running away! Doh!

Now I am sure the new game will up to the usual GW standard of glorious figures, books filled with lavish photos of said figures that will be painted to a standard that us mere mortals can only dream of, and rules that are as usual broken, hey thats my opinion, but you never know! Pretty sure the Chaos figures will be appearing on 40k battlefields near you in the near future.

In happier news, the views for the drunken Guild Ball game that Mr P and myself recorded is still going up! Last episode we posted, number 3, had 86 views on the last count! A big thank you to you all! Or is it just Mr P watching it over and over again? So as we speak part 4 is uploading, and lets see if we can smash the viewing numbers on that one shall we? Link will follow as soon as it is ready.

Well thats a lot to start the week with, catch you soon for more gaming goodness!

Live long and play games!

One thought on “Goodbye Old World..

  1. Good job there’s still Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I’ll definitely be setting foot in the Old World again, it’s just too good not to. Perhaps now is the perfect time to revisit it. I’ve never played any of the old, classic campaigns they released. OK, who else wants to play, ratcatcher anyone?


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