Video madness!

Well you people out there in the internet world are a strange lot, which I like, but Mr P and myself cannot for the life of us work out why you are watching our drunken videos? Now don’t get me wrong we are absolutely flattered! But why? Answers on a post card!

Well yesterday was five players racing around and playing Guild Ball, and as usual I did not do very well. Firstly I played against Chris and his Engineers with my Morticians, another lose for me but swapping Graves out for Mist, (super striker!) did make a difference I actually scored a goal!

While this game was going on Mr P and his Butchers were facing off against Grants Fishermen, a lose for Grant but he is getting the hang of it!

Love it when players get into their teams, Grant wearing my shark hat, reckon this might end in tears..
Yes never wear a shark hat, them things can get aggressive if not fed!

So the next games were Chris, (I bloody hate your engineers!) against Mr P’s Butchers, victory for the Butchers. Grant was battling Hammitt’s Brewers, and unfortunately because of time and work commitments, that came had to end before the final whistle, and I have no idea who was winning!

So that left me using my paper Masons, (cheers Steamforged two of my four orders arrived, and none of them were for me! Doh!) And apart from Flint being a fantastic striker and scoring I still lost! Chris, I really, really hate your engineers with a passion!

Mr P then faced off against the Fishermen again this time with his other team, Alchemists, and at the end off play it was a draw, again out of time, so there will be a rematch!

Chris, and his bastard Engineers, two out of three wins, think that makes him champion of the day. Good effort fella! Memo to Steamforged, Engineers suck! lol
That is it, with no wins I think its time to stop this silly game and eat pizza and drink more! And decide on a new game, Tiddlywinks maybe..

And as a final note, with us not mentioning 40k in a while, because it bores us, here is a picture from yesterday, in the neighbours garden, heretic or chaos spawn? You decide!

It has to be something to do with chaos!

Until the next thrilling instalment, be good!

Or be bad, but play games!

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