… another weekend survived, (only just, think  Mr Underwood and I shall be having a little chat about his so called “don’t worry it’s fairly weak” homebrew!) anyway new week same old shite so lets crack on shall we?

Right then to begin with, Codex Dark Angels, bored with that moving on, nothing to see here.

Friday was a Guild Ball day for Mr P and myself and I must say much fun was had by the both of us, we recorded the first game, and it came out not too bad, there will be a link to follow. We then recorded another whilst we were having our Friday afternoon management drinky, needless to say it got silly! So what I am going to do is upload the first 10 minutes from that game and which ever get the most views by the end of the week will get its second part uploaded, so get watching!

But how did the games go? Well lets just say if my Masons do not arrive soon I shall not be playing Guild Ball again! Only joking, I lost the first two games, then we swapped teams and I still lost with the Butchers, guess I’m not a very good player!

Not sure if Mr P is attempting to be Mr Bean or a Genestealer, still it put me off my game plan.

Then Saturday was Mr Underwood’s rpg, and he decided to bring some of his homebrew for us to sample, its not very strong he said, and yet all I can remember of the game is a barrel of goat poop, and a half naked assassin stuffed into it! As I said things got out off control but I have not enjoyed a game like that in a while, I think I have recovered from all the laughing, so a big thanks to Nick.

Yes even my little woof tries to get in on some rpg goodness.

So eventually its time for people to leave, this gives Mr P and myself to plan the battlehammers upcoming weekly stuff, I head to the fridge to get us a final beer when I come back to this..

You may all be confused by this picture, bare with the next one will clear up the mystery.
Now do you get it?

Yes somehow Mr P, whilst attempting to catch the dog, managed to run into the conservatory, knock it off into the garden without smashing anything except his pint glass! I have no idea how he did it! Still, I managed to fix the door so no harm done!

So in finishing, never drink Mr Underwood’s homebrew, never let Mr P into your house, and play ball,


The first of the Guild Ball double feature,

The drinking one will follow shortly.


One thought on “Hurrah…

  1. Of course it’s possible that the home brew wasn’t that strong, and you are all lightweights. Just thought I’d mention that…


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