Nearly, but not quite..

Greetings sports fans and guess what the subject for today is? Yes thats right, the use of irrigation in the Middle Ages!

Um, hold on got that wrong, its Guild Ball!

Aw look at us..

So yesterday was yet another game, and lets face it another loss for the Morticians, but I was so close! And even if it is was a loss it was (as usual) a fantastic game! We even took time to video it for you, and if you are really unlucky I will post up the first ten minutes to tease you with!

And in other news, tomorrow is Guild Ball day! Who ever said you can have too much of a good thing is a dirty liar and need to play ball, GUILD BALL!

It has been a lot of fun playing the Morticians, not the normal team I would have gone for in a new game, I would have gone Butchers or Fishermen both straightforward to play, whereas the Morticians play a very different type of game, no charging straight in because we will not stand up long in a straight fight, unless it’s Ghast or Casket! But that the challenge of the game, anyway how can you not want to play a team where the only female is a complete nutjob and you can attempt to stick downed opponents in a coffin? Gold!

Cosset, nuttier than squirrel poop..

The only member of the team that I struggle with is Graves, he just doesn’t really work for me, or maybe I just have not learnt to use him right yet, pair him up with Ghast perhaps? Hmm.

Graves, (on the left) I really need him to be a little tougher!

Well that will do for today, link for Our Guild Ball video demo will follow as soon as it uploads.

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