No point crying..

..over spilt ink! Yes readers I have just had a moment, (another one?) there I was almost content as I threw paint at the Star Wars Armada fighter squadrons, happy in the knowledge that the rebel ships are finished! When as I started the vast hordes of the imperial ships I knocked a full pot of Agrax Earthshade ink across the table! Fuck, fuckty fuck!!

And its funny how a little something like that can, (and did) really piss you off! So much so all I could do was mop it all up then head outside with a pair of shears and take out my anger on the Bay Leaf tree! Fortunately it was in desperate need of a trim, and the wife will think I was doing some gardening instead of playing with my Star Wars toys, phew phew phew!

Oh joy, Codex Dark Angels is coming out soon, excuse me whilst I stifle a yawn! Bored now GW! Bored.

However tomorrow should be Guild Ball day! Woo-hoo!! I really must try to win this time. Would have liked to have tried my Mason team but they still have not arrived! Yes Steamforge I am still waiting for four orders, just as well I like you! And I am sure you will be sending me something extra to make up for the very long wait! Well if you don’t ask you don’t get! MMwwhhaaaa!

Guild Ball, like you didn’t know!!

Well I guess I had better get back to the painting, bloody TIE fighters suck!

Until next time, the rumour is the rebel fleet is massing…

2 thoughts on “No point crying..

  1. lol. Lucky for you I’ve got a spare pot of Agrax Earthshade I picked up a while ago. Aren’t I nice. I’ll hand that to you just before I hand your ass to you during Guild Ball!

    I like the picture at the top. seeing as Kev is actually into football we could say that we were doing cross-curricular research, fight?

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