A quick hello..

Here at the battlehammer it has been a peaceful (for once) weekend, no gaming and no real news (no I will not mention a certain release of a certain codex) however, Mr P and myself did manage to get a Waffle done for you, and yes there may have been some beer involved!

But we do have the Star Wars Armada first wave heading my way as we speak! Lets hope that by then we have learnt to pilot them big ships! And I think today I might even have a go at painting the fighters that came with the game, they are small but oh so sexy.

And after a beer or three Mr P managed to persuade, (bully) me into purchasing yet more Guild Ball stuff, think I ended up buying most of the Union team and some other bits! A quick mention to the guys at Steamforge, that’s four orders now placed with you, now stop playing with all your stuff for season two and send me my stuff! Lol.

So for now that’s your lot next week expect more stuff about that game we are not allowed to mention but cannot stop playing! Think we might even video a game for you, oh the excitement!

The latest waffle….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1-GB_tWGYs


2 thoughts on “A quick hello..

  1. Hmm, excessive use of the word “bully” I think. Considering it was all your idea. I’m pretty sure no-one in the history of the world has ever had to bully you into spending money on toys. If fact, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t even torture you into NOT buying said toys. I know I definitely arrived after you’d got the Armada goodies. Have fun painting tiny, tiny TIE fighters.


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