A long time ago..

..in a galaxy far, far away.

Yes boys and girls its Star Wars time! Oh yes indeed, Mr P and myself have been looking forward to playing this for ages, unfortunately another game came along that has kept us really busy, (not allowed to mention the game in this blog but lets just say the initials GB should give it away!) but, being told by the wife we have to play something else. we cracked on.

Mr P has a look of fear as the Star Destroyer plods across the battlefield!

Firstly, everything in this box is fantastic, and the ships are beautiful, unfortunately the fighter squadrons will need painting but that is all. And after a quick glance at the rules it was time to play!

Now I am not going to go into an in depth, blow by blow account of the game, (unless someone asks) but what I will say is there was a lot of Star Wars quotes, (its a trap) and a hell of a lot of laughing!

It really is a fun little games, simple rules and combat, but be warned them big ships are a bugger to move, during both games the Star Destroyer managed to fly off the table! And after a spectacular maneuver my rebel Corvette destroyed its self by crashing into the Nebulon Freighter! Oops.

Weekly Waffle has been done and uploading as we speak! I will put the link up when it’s done.

Now its time to go see how the Zombiecide Black Plague kickstarter is getting on, go check it out.


Till next time.

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