Crazy days..

Well boys and girls that was crazy! Six of us playing Guild Ball all afternoon, and all I can say is fantastic! From what I remember I played three games with my Morticians and as usual I lost! Well actually that was a lie, I did win one against Grants Fishermen, (and boy can those buggers move!)

And even with two new players hitting the tables they picked the game up quickly and got good at it! Jon using Mr P’s Butchers against the Brewers narrowly lost and The Union, (played by Stick) smashed me.

Here is Mr P soundly thrashing me again…
Jon, one of our newbies, after realizing he had downloaded the wrong rules, soon got to grips with the proper ones and did really well!
I never realised that Mr P was in fact a midget!
Mr P and his winning technique, trust me you do not want to be on the receiving end of it!
Busy, busy, busy and then someone opens the beer fridge! Doh!
Dont ask me for advice, I never win!

Well there you go, a day of lots of Guild Ball games and a whole lot of fun, well done us!

Can’t remember if I put this link up already, but here it is again.

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