That’s no moon..

With more Guild Ball being played than you can throw an inflated pig bladder at, I thought it was time to have a little chat about other things happening in the world of Battlehammer.

So where to begin?

Firstly Mr P and my good (or bad) self shall be heading off to a galaxy far, far away next week as we attempt to play our first game of Star Wars Armada. A game we have both been waiting to play for such a long time, and having given the rules the once over, I am liking what I see, the only trouble with them capital ships is you place several orders on them at the start of the game then add one a turn to the bottom of the order pile, I can see me flying my Star Destroyer straight into a planet as I forget what orders I have given it!

So we also have the joy of the new Space Marine codex coming out, board, moving on.

What do you mean another Marine Codex? No,no and thrice no!

Next week, as in Monday, the new Zombiecide kickstarter begins, Black Plague,

So head over there and take a little look see.

So sexy, think I may have just let out a little wee.

Also I have cheated, I don’t too but there you go. As you know from a previous post I was working on some paper terrain for my Guild Ball team, (ah well nearly got away with not talking about it!) and if you did not read go back now! However mother in law generously got me GW vouchers for the birthday, and not needing anything at the moment, (really?) I got the Garden of Morr set for Warhammer. Yes I know I should be leading by example but I just really like the set! So sue me!

Even worked out some themed scenery for my Mason’s team (when it arrives) going to be using the statues and ruins from The Lord or the Rings strategy game, so that will save me some pennies (and please the wife)

And that will do for today, I shall even put the link in for the latest Waffle again, I am far to good to you all!

Till next time remember, Storm Troopers can’t shoot for shit!

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