Sneaky peek

Yes indeed gentle readers, have we got a treat for you. Well, we have if you like Guild Ball and haven’t already found it here: While doing some ninja quality lurking I came across some spoilers for season 2 of Guild Ball. Namely mentions of unreleased minis as prizes for the UK Games Expo GB tournament and some concept art for new players. Mr Straw will be very interested in these first ones:


Yes indeed, we have two new Morticians. No names for these guys yet but they sure are looking cool. The one on the left has the look of a twisted medical examiner with the mask and apron and the other guy just looks like a nasty piece of work with those matching bone saws. Nice.


Here we have new additions to the Masons. They both look good but with no crazy weirdness. Matching these up to the rest of the Masons team will, I think, give them the most cohesive look of all the teams. Hammers, metal, blue/grey kit and nothing too outlandish. They’ll look great on the table.


Next up are the Fishermen, in case you hadn’t guessed. On the left is what we assume to be Corsair. In the fluff, the previous captain of the Fishermen team. It was Ox, captain of the Butchers, who took his leg and Shark replaced Corsair as captain. Could this mean we now have a secondary captain for the Fishermen or has he been demoted? I like the vibe of the other guy too. A certain smugness to him. Almost a Sinbad the Sailor feel to me.


Of course, I’ve saved the best for last. The Butchers (they are my team after all). I love the girl on the left. Those knives, cute hair and mean-looking pout give her so much character. Can’t wait to see her dancing across the pitch dealing out some nasty wounds. The next guy looks like a monster. I can only assume he’s the one they’re calling the “Tenderiser”. I can picture him in defence, able to take plenty of damage and no doubt dish some out too judging by that huge axe. We want them all now dammit!

You can find all this art and loads more here: It’s great for loads of stuff not just Guild Ball. What do you think of these new players? What rules do you hope they’ll have? Why aren’t they out now! Don’t forget to leave some comments in the, err, comments and you could win free Guild Ball minis (just £300 postage each).

Until next time gentle readers.

3 thoughts on “Sneaky peek

  1. I feel the same way. No idea how long they’ll be. No signs of sculpts, rules or even names for most of them. Bah! Who do you prefer out of your pairs? For me it’s the female Butcher with the knives.


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