And the winner is..

Yes boys and girls yesterday’s games resulted in two losses for the Morticians! Damn you Mr P and your damage causing Butchers! But to be fair both games were really intense and we actually had the enjoyment, (no really!) of having to think in a game for a change. But that is the beauty of Guild Ball it really is such a simple game to learn, but difficult to master! That is the trouble with my team, they are difficult to get used too, no charging straight in! But after Casket getting hold of Boiler, for the second game running, and once again sticking him in the coffin, and the moment when Casket also scored! I still love this team, when it works it is sweet but when you lose concentration for a second you will get punished!

They may have lost, but they looked sexy doing it!
This is the only view of the Butchers I like, far away at the other end of the table! Shame they don’t stay there!!

All in all good fun, I’m now off to buy some Masons!

Let’s face it we all need a second team!

Till next time gang,

6’s always.

2 thoughts on “And the winner is..

  1. Yep, you’ll have to put notches onto Caskets coffin for every time he get’s someone in there. Boiler could be developing some claustrophobia I think. I actually liked that with the full team of six there’s a chance to play some ball. It felt good to actually get some passing in.

    You were really getting the hang of using Silence to stop me playing the game I wanted and Obulous to get more out of your own team. I think they’re only going to get more annoying and terrifying. Oh, and watching Fangtooth throw a total rage-wobbly was hilarious.


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