Play ball..

Morning all! Lets get the rant of the day out of the way shall we? Oh the joy a “new” Codex for Space Marines is winging our way! Literally, what the f**k? It has not been that long since we got the last one! I think my White Scars have only seen two battles with that book, and now I’m expected to fork out more cash for another book that will change a few points and allow vehicle squads? Oi, GW you every heard of FAQ’s? Christ on a bike!

And breath in, and release.

In other news the first wave of new Stars Wars Armada is incoming, and I like what I see, unfortunately we have not had a chance to play it yet, (never enough time) but reading through it looks to be a rocking little game! So time to sell some organs!

As for Mr P and myself, today we shall be cracking on with our favorite game of the moment, and if you have not worked it out yet you need shooting! Yes sports fans its Guild Ball time again!

Finally have the Morticians team finished, and now all I need to do is get a win under their belts and I will be happy!

My team in all their ghoulie goodness! Plus a little help from the Union..
Cosset, my favorite figure in a long time, and when it comes to the game, well lets just say she is as nutty as squirrel shit!
And the rest of the team, looking scary! And yes Casket will be looking for another victim to put into his coffin!

And I heard this morning that the guys doing Zombiecide Black Plague, have already got plans for the first expansion! It will involve Werewolves! Get in!

Right you lot thats it for now, I may give you an update on the game later, I may not, you will have to wait and see! Till then,

You know what to do.

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