What a week…

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of, well anything this week as it has been a busy week here. To start with the wife was on holiday, then we had a birthday, dentist, doctors, anniversary, counselling, and some Guild Ball thrown in at the end!

So what is new? Well we finally received the Eldar Craftworld Codex, and to be honest I have had a quick look and I don’t see what all the fuss is about, so the Wraithguard can have D weapons, so what? The Eldar are meant to be the most advanced race there is so they will have better weapons!

But more importantly we now have Imperial Assault and Start Wars Armada, am I the only one seeing a linked campaign coming? Oh its going to be fun!

Yesterday was the first time this week that Mr P and myself managed to catch up, so we have done a weekly waffle, came out a bit dark buts lets face it that’s a good thing! So with that done, and another unboxing, (we spoil you) we cracked on with our task for the day, full Guild Ball game and beer!

With the table set up, which took no time at all, teams assembled, all that was left to do was play ball!

001 (3)
Aw bless his little cotton socks, Mr P, the happy bunny!

By now you know Mr P and my thoughts on this game, it truly does rock! And as this was our first full game we took our time, attempting to get all the rules right!

The little men doing their thing on the table!
We even look like we know what we are doing!

We had a lot of fun, even though I lost both games! Fun moments for me were, both team mascots, a giant raven and bull dog trying to rip the hell out of each other! And when Casket got hold of Boiler, battered him and threw him in the coffin! Such fun!

So for now as we wait for stuff to upload, (yawn) I shall say farewell for now, I will let you know when its all done, now go play ball! Guild Ball!

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