The morning after..

Well that got messy! Sorry, I had better explain, yesterday’s gaming was a little different to our normal battles, Mr P and myself were going to introduce the boys to Guild Ball, then crack open some other board games, whilst having a birthday beer!

From what I remember Mr P was teaching, I was helping out from the sidelines throwing in handy and helpful tips, (no really I was) and as I recall everyone picked the game up really quick, which is the beauty of it. In fact they did so well that Mr P never even won a game! No hang on he did beat me, but that is only because I let him, he had just got mauled by the Engineers and looked like he was about to burst into tears!

So with everyone hooked on Guild Ball it was time to play something else, thus Settlers of Catan came out, think I have played it once, anyway as we start to set it up it becomes horribly obvious that something is wrong, yes Mr P did not have all the bits! So after throwing the remaining tiles back into the box, it was time to find something else!

And that brought us to Zombie Flux, problem being that none of us have actually read the rules yet, so attempting to read them and consume vast amounts of alcohol meant that game got put away sharpish!

With that success, we moved on to an old classic, Chaos Marauders! A nice simple game, which was just as well because things were getting a bit foggy, I don’t remember much more, fortunately we have pictures, but apparently I did shave Mr P’s head! Oh well.

Guild Ball in full swing, we only used the starting team players so it easier for the boys to learn.
We almost look like we know what we are doing!
Mr P bitching about losing to the Engineers! Pretty sure there were tears.
Chaos Marauders!
Games, games,games, we love them!
Mr P gets his revenge on Chris by cuddling up to him!
And then he tramples poor Grant! And even the dog wants to get in on the action!
Ha ha ha, that’ll learn him!
Yes it all went tits up! Our best Charlies Angels pose!

Well there you go, a really good day! Now go play Guild Ball! Its all free!

Guild Ball,

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