Building progress..

Morning all, just a quickie for you this morning, (behave!) so what do we have for you?

This is it so far! Complete mausoleum, one ruined, and several varied wall lengths. Still more walls to do, and gravestones have been ordered by Mr P!

Well I have finally got round to taking some pictures of the graveyard terrain for my Guild ball team, so I suppose I better get them up so hold on here we go.

As I said all these are made from paper and are all free! Now all I have to do is to get the team painted! Least they won’t be red!

Also Imperial Assault arrived yesterday, so maybe its time for another of Straw’s famous unboxings? Still waiting for the Eldar Codex to arrive, and to be honest I think its taking the piss now, but what would I know?

Weekly Waffle been done for you all, find it here,

So there you go, nice and short!

Unboxing update,

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