Battle plans?

Morning all, hope you are all well? Sorry its been a few days since I have posted anything but I have been out of action due to a buggered back, which was done during Saturday’s game! So how did the battle go you ask? Fecking woeful! It started promising enough, the forces of good being vastly outnumbered, (one of the good guys was running late, so we started without him, but allowed him to bring everything in as reserves when he arrived)

And even with this stroke of luck the forces of chaos just could not get things going, every objective card we got was for the other side of the bloody table, and we just could not winkle those marines out from their cover, (cowards!) and then their reinforcements arrived.

Even with Demon Princes and Bloodthirsters running amok we just could not get the objectives, and yet in the battle we did not do anything wrong, personally, I’m blaming Mr P!

So yes we lost, well when I say lost I mean slaughtered! Ho-hum.

In other news, today is our first little bash at actually playing Guild Ball, so stay tuned for our thoughts on that, and the graveyard is progressing slowly.

The Weekly Waffle will also be getting filmed today, so keep an eye out for that!

So for now, here are some pictures from the weekend to amuse you.

That horrible moment when two things happen, firstly, you remember you have been partnered with a muppet, and secondly, you have no idea what the hell you are doing!
I watch, with mounting horror as our well crafted plans begin to unravel, if only this pointy stick was sharper…
Even the dog thought  our battle plan was going to fail.
Damn it! The reinforcements have arrived!
At least the cultists looked sexy as they sprinted across the road! To then be gunned down!
The only thing that worked for us, Operation Meatshield. Least them zombies were good for something!
Even the possessed did bugger all! Killing 5 marines and then getting tied up in combat with a Dreadnought! Really?
It was that bad the only thing I could do was to lay down and let the dog stamp all over my corpse…
Caught on camera, the actual moment my back decided to give up! Spent the rest of the battle directing from the sidelines. What a day…

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