Table ready..

Right then, table set for this weekends battle is sorted, so next is on to getting the army sorted and for this weekends  game Mr P and myself are teaming up, (traitor guard and chaos) to take on Chris and Hammit, (hopefully) and their Dark Angels. Well its going to be one hell of a scrap thats for sure! And its bound to bring up some tests for our new rules, well here is hoping! Fortunately most of my force is sorted and mostly has some paint thrown on them so its time to carry on with the next project.

You all know that I have now started to work on some themed scenery for a Guild Ball pitch, all in paper! And so far its coming along, current update is yesterday was spent printing and hopefully later today the gluing begins, that of course if I don’t get sidetracked into painting my Guild Ball team, all assembled just need undercoating and we are away!

Chaos bikers prowl the ruins of Talengrad, searching for survivors of the recent battles.

Still waiting for Codex Craftworld to arrive, really having problems with deliveries from Wayland games recently, then again I hear the same problem from other people, hopefully it turns up soon so we can give it The Battlehammer treatment.

Still time to decide, Chaos tainted Knight or Bloodthirster?

Only joking guys, I am not going to have anything that scary in my army! Then again I do have to put up with Mr P, and we all know is battle record is shocking!

Anyway, tomorrow another Weekly Waffle should be getting done, and I might upload the second Malleting article we done, so till then, keep watching the skies!

6’s till the blood stops flowing.

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