Budget battling..

Morning all, today we chat about gaming on a budget, is such a thing even possible? With the ever increasing price of, (the thing that gets in the way of our gaming) life, how do we still manage to get our tables looking good? Without to much effort? The answer is simple, paper terrain.

Now before you throw your hands in the air in despair, I am not talking about a forest made of toilet rolls, (now theres a thought) no, I am talking about proper printed terrain, and If you have read any of our previous blogs, (if not why not? Go! Go now! I will wait, done? Good) you will know how here at the Battlehammer we love paper terrain.

So after Diceni at the weekend and our long chats with the Guild Ball guys, inspiration has once again struck and I am feeling the urge, (to kill,kill,kill, ahem sorry) no the urge to create something, something new, something themed for my Morticians team, so what could be better than themed scenery for the pitch? And I am thinking graveyard!

Now thats not strictly true, I was thinking of a themed pitch, and as my ideas were rattling around my otherwise empty head, and my eyes were trawling over the Games Workshop Garden of Morr scenery, (oh yes) the wife suddenly pitches in with the no you are not spending anymore money on plastic crack, make it out of paper routine, and thus the idea for this article reared its ugly head.

Well, there you go, my idea, themed pitch, paper graveyard, all free models, thus far we have found a gate and walls, a mausoleum, (both whole and broken) and graves! Jobs a good un! Next comes the printing and gluing, and as we crack on with it no doubt pictures will follow!

Time to cue the creepy music!

Graveyard bits are here,  http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/fpm/archive

Yes thats me taking a picture of Mr P, (he is hidden behind the small child) this picture was found on the Diceni site! MMwwhhaa!! The Battlehammer is spreading!

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