We came, we saw…

We spent lots of money! But what a rocking day!

Well boys and girls Mr P and myself have arrived back from Diceni in one piece, mostly. If you are expecting a long review of the event, well lets just say you are going to be disappointed! For once Mr P and myself had dodged the Stormtrooper outside and navigated our way through the revolving door from hell, (it is really that bad) we spied our target, and like two great white sharks that had the taste of blood, (or beached whales, not quite sure which) we ploughed our way through the assembled masses, scattering both young and old to finally arrive at the Guild Ball games!

Now as at the moment I am a little worse for wear, all I will say is expect a long article from Mr P as he spent ages chatting to the guys about the game, while I drooled over the figures! So cheers Mat and Rich for putting up with the barrage of questions, hopefully it did not feel too much like an interrogation! But for us it was great to get an insight into a game that we are really getting into, and if you are not, get out there and get playing! Which is exactly what Mr P proceeded to do, throwing himself down on the demo table and refusing to move until he had played a game, even the promise of beer would not tempt him away.

And yes loyal readers you know the outcome, as usual Mr P loses! But he did take out Angel in spectacular fashion!

But as ever time was the enemy, and with beer to drink and trains to be jumped upon, we had to say farewell to the Guild Ball crowd, thanking them for their patience and understanding as we slid our business cards amongst their stock, and left before the Stormtrooper returned and realised we were the droids he was looking for!

Photo of the day! Mr P and Guild Ball co-designer Mat Hart, a bloody nice bloke!

Simply put, we went with one purpose, Guild Ball, and now we have a new game to play which quiet frankly is amazing, the future is bright, very bright for this game!

And now with thoughts turning to my themed graveyard pitch, and head still spinning slightly I shall leave you with these words of wisdom,

PLAY BALL, GUILD BALL!!! http://guildball.com/

Read our previous Guild Ball blog here https://thebattlehammer.com/2015/04/21/how-free-is-guild-ball/

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