Here we go..

Right then, we started this here blog thing so we could share our thoughts on the changes we made to 40k so it plays better for our gaming group, and today we are going to get on with it!

To start with the I go you go turn sequence had to go, so instead we use the priority system from the Lord of the Rings strategy game, be prepared for a very different game of 40k by just using this rule! So the turn runs like this:

Turn Sequence; Priority, Movement, Psychic, Shooting, Assault, End Phase.

Priority; Both sides roll one D6 highest gets priority, if its the first turn the opponent may seize initiative as normal. Then at the start of each turn roll again, ties are won by whoever did not have initiative last turn.

Movement; So the player with priority moves first, starting with reserves, deep strike and flyers, then moves on to the rest of his army. Once movement finished, player two takes his movement turn.

Notable rule changes, deep strike, when rolling for units that arrive via deep strike, units roll to scatter as normal, if the unit lands on target, (a hit on the scatter dice) that unit may assault. For units that do not scatter because of icons etc, still roll the dice, and as above a hit on the scatter dice will allow that unit to assault.

Psychic Phase; Player with priority casts all powers first, then the second player.

Shooting Phase; As normal but with the following changes,

Heavy weapons and special weapons may fire at a different target to their parent unit, if there are more special weapons, all the same type must shoot at the same target.

When firing at vehicles, glancing hits are only caused by weapons that have an Armour Penetration of 1 of 2, unless the vehicle has an armour value of 11 or less, then glancing hits are caused as normal. We done this because it seemed silly that you could glance a vehicle to death with normal weapons.

Assault Phase; Firstly determine which units will be charging, then opponent may respond, with stand and shoot,(which is overwatch) or flee! Once these have been worked out, roll for charge distances and work out combat. Then the second player announces chargers and so on.

End Phase; Tidy up counters, dice and crack open a new beer!

So that is everything in a nut shell, no doubt I have missed something out, (on purpose) Now remember this is for our gaming group and we have found that it works for us, you may read this and think what a load of shite! And I would agree, but its for us and we like it and lets face it anything is better than the current rule set!

Mr P and myself will be attempting a Youtube version of this article and hopefully this will be a little clearer than what I have written!

For now, 6’s all the way.

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