Struggling on..

Well, oh loyal readers I survived an outing into the real world! For a moment it was very touch and go but fortunately alcohol was on hand to help!

Matt and Sara, never approach these two! Do not feed! Keep hands behind the bars at all times! But seriously thanks guys for a great hangover, I mean day!

Right enough of the fun times back to reality of gaming! So we have more Knights stomping our way thanks to GW, no doubt there will then follow another updated Codex, (thanks for taking more of my money!) The Assassins game will be hitting our shelves at the weekend, and after reading White Dwarf I will still not be buying it, so there! Don’t need to, got the original figures and the rules are in the magazine so money saved!

Else where looking forward to the gaming event in The Forum at Norwich this weekend, DICENI . Mr P and myself will be poking our noses into all things that look good, (hmm that could be taken wrong) so we will let you know how that goes.

Oh yes loyal readers, its red… Blood for the, oh bugger off…

Well that will do for now, ready yourselves for tomorrows goodness!

6’s always.

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