Oh really..

Morning all, hope you are all well and have been crushing your enemies? Today is a brief chat about a little rumour, (yes I know) regarding Forgeworld.  The news is their models are now legal. Now hold on a second all this time we have been using these models! Saying you can’t use that nice expensive model you have bought is, quite frankly ridiculous.

Now I guess they never wanted us using them in the first place because they were over powered? But then again some of the older marks of armour are Forgeworld, maybe they should not have been used either? Death Korps of Krieg, all Forgeworld, (get them off the table I win!)

In our little group of demented Hobbits, we all have Forgeworld and we have always used them, ask your opponent if you can use them? Never! If you have paid the points for it then get it on and let my troops heroically die in droves as they try to destroy it! (Got to be a story there somewhere)

Its like the rebels going up to the Death Star and saying, that looks like a Forgeworld model we don’t want you to use it! It might be over powered but did they or did they not destroy it? Hopefully you can see what I mean.

Same can be said for proxy models, as long as you have paid the points for it and let me know what it is, I do not care what you use, we are here to play and have fun, but I will draw the line at young children dressed up in cereal packets stomping over our tables whilst you look on saying, look fella, I paid the points for a Warlord Titan.

Anyway rant, (or what ever the hell that was) over, remember next week we have articles about Battlemallet coming your way, and maybe our first impressions of the new Eldar Craftworlds Codex, (if it arrives on time) as for now I am off to throw some red paint in the general direction of my Bloodthirster.

6’s always.

One thought on “Oh really..

  1. Yeah, I might have an issue not using Forgeworld as my army is from IA13. And Hammet would be in trouble too, all those old Space Marine armour types and Contemptor Dreadnoughts. Of course we all know that this ruling doesn’t count when it comes to Tau. (mumble grumble, Chris and his stupid Riptide, mumble grumble)


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