Its that time again..

Weekend! Yes girls and boys the end of the week is once again upon us, as regular as clockwork, as day follows night blah blah blah.

As Mr P and myself took a small break from finding gaming goodness for your enjoyment, actually we were sitting in the sun with some chilled beers and playing Chaos Marauders! But that’s by the by, we got to chatting bout gaming and all that stuff and we got to remembering why we started this whole blog thing, and that was to share our thoughts on 40k and how we have changed things for our group. Then we remembered that we really have not shared that much with you, so be prepared loyal readers your patience has been rewarded, next week we shall be imparting our knowledge with you. Run while you can!

So for now here are some links to the sillyness we found ourselves recording today just for you,

Well there you go, and to the both of our readers have a good weekend, and if you are battling anyone, crush your enemies and drive them before you from the battle field!

6’s for now and for ever!

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