Its big…

Right then, before I go back to wading through the Imperial guard I am painting today, lets have a quick chat about the rumour that’s running around concerning, yes you guessed it the Warlord Titan. Now simply put my question is why? Yes it will/would be a fantastic model but what in the Emperors name would you use it for? A garden ornament? Something to scare the neighbourhood children? Or something to tie the dog to when you pop in the pub for that crafty pint? I just don’t see the point, surely they could have put all that love and time into something more worthwhile?

Now don’t get me wrong if I had lots of money to burn yes I would want one, so it could sit in a box and gather dust, which is exactly what my Reaver Titan is doing at the moment, (I really should do some more work on that while I have the time) It all just seems a bit much.

Another question is should I bother with the new Assassins game? I think it would have been a definite buy if the chaos figures had been new, the assassins themselves are fantastic but I just do not know, seeing as I still need to get the new Eldar Codex, (always something new to buy!)

013 (2)
It is an old picture, at least now the legs are painted, but it is very slow going, very slow indeed…

I think the point of the rant today is this, there are things we really do not need, (Warlord Titan) and things we do, ( How about some new 40k races?)  but you can be as sure as shit that the things you want will not happen, and the things you do not want you will want but will cost you your soul!

Now lets go on-line and see how much I can get for my blackened soul.

One thought on “Its big…

  1. I know what you mean. As pretty as a Warlord Titan will be, it’s going to be generally unfeasible to buy or play with. I’m sire most of us will just look at the pics in awe. In my humble opinion what I think 40k really needs right now is an objective system that isn’t a choice of waiting till the end of the game and seeing which areas you are near or a random card choice of things that you may or may not be able to do. Just saying. Hmmm, is that a blog post waiting to happen?


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