Motivation, motivation and..

Motivation, that little thing that makes the difference between us doing a lot, and my personal favourite, bugger all! Now in our little toy soldier games motivation is only really needed when you need to get them little buggers painted! But in role-playing its a whole new kettle of fish, especially if you happen to be the one running the game. As the Games Master not only are you responsible for bringing your setting to life, ( well attempting to) but you need to bring life to the Non Player Characters, (NPC’s) and sometimes if you have not had time to flesh out said characters, or your brain has turned to mush, what do you do?

Fear not, grab a deck of cards and draw a card at random and look on the following table! Now as much as I would like to take credit for this, ( you know you want to) It is not my idea, but one stolen from a game/magazine/ toilet wall? From a long time ago, so here for your enjoyment I will recreate said table.

Clubs (Violence)                                                         Diamonds (Greed)

Ace: War leader                                                         Ace: Generous

King: Brutal                                                                King: Selfish

Queen: Stubborn                                                       Queen: Lustful

Jack: Murderous                                                        Jack: Coward

8-10: Very violent                                                     8-10: Very greedy

5-7: Moderately violent                                            5-7: Moderately greedy

2-4: Somewhat violent                                              2-4: Somewhat greedy

Hearts (Sociability)                                                    Spades (Ambition)

Ace: Just                                                                      Ace: Charismatic

King: Honourable                                                        King: Deceitful

Queen: Loving                                                             Queen: Ruthless

Jack: Wise                                                                     Jack: Pompous

8-10: Very sociable                                                      8-10: Very ambitious

5-7: Moderately social                                                 5-7: Moderately ambitious

2-4: Somewhat social                                                   2-4: Somewhat ambitious

There you go, make of it what you will, but I hope it helps!

And in other news, today I shall mainly be throwing paint in a random direction in the hope that it lands on my Imperial Guard, and keeping an eye out for the postman as I am still waiting for that bloody Bloodthirster!

Until my next words of wisdom,

6’s, always and forever.

3 thoughts on “Motivation, motivation and..

  1. Think it was Traveller. They said draw 2 cards , 1 for primary motivation, 1 for lesser, secondary. Each suit had a character type, and the higher the card, the stronger the feeling. They never had a nice table like you though…


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