Lack of imagination…

And there goes the boat full of new and imaginative ideas and GW is not even at the dock to wave them goodbye! Yes loyal readers its gripe at the company we love to hate time!

So, first we hear about a new assassins game, hooray something new for a change instead of the old Codex reprint routine. We see pictures of the four main assassins, yes very nice, but I still have the originals. And then we hear of the opponents, and it all goes horribly wrong, a chaos sorcerer, three chaos marines and a bunch of cultists and guess what, none of them are new models!

Really GW you could have wowed us with something new, but no, epic fail. So we send in four of the Emperors most lethal killers to take out a sorcerer, what? Should not these assassins be used in a better way? Just send in some Imperial Guard to deal with it, (yes they will die in droves, but so what) Failing that some other Inquisitional forces, maybe its just me but four, ( yes four!) assassins seems a little overkill!

With the promise of something new maybe I got a little carried away, maybe I was hoping for to much, but lets face it, we are always going to be let down, all the good games they released they always ended up stopping, Necromunda, Mordheim, Man o War to name but a few, no wonder players begin to drift away and play other things, Infinity, Dropzone Commander, Wild West Exodus to name but a few. And it is interesting that you can see all the newer games are what GW should be doing, for example Necromunda, we now play Infinity, Epic 40k we now play Dropzone Commander, Battlefleet Gothic guess we could play Star Wars Armada or one of the countless starship combat games. But you see what I mean.

Never mind, I can’t change the world,  (unless they are the ones in my head) but every now and then a little venting makes me feel better!

Now, off to do some work on my Knight, (yes another GW model that I will hardly ever use!)

Later gang.

One thought on “Lack of imagination…

  1. I totally agree. Why send in a unit of Inquisition Storm Troopers or Space Marines when the rarest, most overkill agents of the Imperium will do. I’d love to find out how their points balance out in games of 40k. I’m guessing they don’t.

    Now to see if I can fix my Dropzone Commander camo scheme after the fourth time. I’m also guessing I don’t. Bah!


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