Ever onwards..

With the undead put once again to rest, (pesky little buggers) its time to look forward to new projects and other such nonsense! And already the rumour mill is rolling about the new 40k Assassins game, well if it is kind of Space Hulk like in both appearance and play style it could be quite fun. And of course the rumours of the 30k game are still flying around like a goblin in a blender with no top on, (the blender that is, not the goblin!) How do I feel about the whole 30k stuff? Meh, I would rather we were continuing on with the 40k timeline to be honest, do I really need any more marines? Some different armour types might be nice to mix in with my White Scars and Space Wolves, but I really  cannot be arsed, (especially as there is always something else to buy!)


As for us here at the hammer, (well, me really) what we got going on? All in all its a bit of a quiet one at the moment, after the carnage of the the last 40k battle and the Easter Zombiecide, its time for a new project! But what? I have nothing in my back log of painting that needs to be done, and no table to be worked on for up coming games, (been told the next two weekends involve going out to socialise in the real world! Hmm)

So do I begin to scribble notes for a Necromunda campaign that I will be running in the future using the Dark Heresy system? Do I find more words of wisdom and deep thought provoking articles for you, the loyal readers? Do I finally get round to reading all the board game rules we have so we can try something new after our big games instead of King of Tokyo? Chaos Marauders anyone? So many choices, so little time.

How about writing some reviews of some of our many games? Bollocks to that, that means having to go back, read the rules again and try to remember all of it to write down. That sounds like hard work! This is how I would like to do a review,

Zombiecide: This game fucking rocks! You get to kill zombies, you get killed by zombies! Brilliant game!

What? You want a break down of the rules? You want to know the ins and outs of the game? Balls to that! That is not what we are about, we are about putting a little humour back into the hobby, lets have a giggle!

You want a painting guide? Get brush, add paint, throw in general direction of your over priced miniature, throw said miniature on table, throw some dice, drink beer, watch your enemies flee before you. Easy

Right, I am off to resort my collection of bottle tops, not really, its photo sorting time, yay!

Till the next thrilling instalment,

6’s all the way baby

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