Day after the dead..

So for once everyone was turning up on time for a game! The Watson clan had gathered and were prepared to take on the rest of us, (oh the poor fools)

The Watson clan (+1) prepares to do battle, keep your eyes on the one second from the right, all I will say for now is, evil…
The infamous five, the five fools, the five, well there was five of us! With our years of gaming experience, and the fact that Mr P and myself had worked on these changed rules how were we to lose?

And with the children eagerly eyeing up the chocolate on the table, (you want it you got to get to it) and the adults doing the same to the beer fridge there was only one thing left to do, FIGHT!!

Now in the manner of fair play, us more experienced players had decided to take it easy and generally be nice to our opponents, so there was no eating their chocolate, no throwing pizza crusts at them and no chanting,  “you’re going home in a body bag!” No fun this lot!

The three trouble makers of the Watson clan, Rob, the father of this brood (killing all in his path!) Heidi, (evil) and the little terror that is George, (give me all the equipment! want it all! Argh! Where did all these zombies come from? Dad help!)

The first  few turns had gone relatively quietly, both gangs making a grab for all the chocolate in their starting areas, these were also going to be victory points so you had the choice of eating them or saving them for the win, (I know I am so evil!) and thus far the zombies were not spawning in great numbers, so as the  survivors we were all feeling pretty safe, and all eyes were now turning to the centre of the table and the giant bunnies, except mine, they were firmly fixed on the beer fridge!

The biggest bunnies on the table, full of chocolatey goodness, also a magnet for all psycho children with guns!

Now everyone was getting along well, no shots traded, but things were soon to change, both groups were heading towards the centre of town, and the zombies were now beginning to arrive in greater numbers, then some fool on our side happens to mention the fact that we are nearly in shooting range of the other gang.

Did I really just say that? Really? Shit..

And then all hell broke loose! As three of our gang were moving through the middle of town, a roller-skate wearing waitress came gliding through the ruins, calmly raising a pistol, she guns down one of our survivors! Before we could even vent our rage, another of the Watson clan appears with an machine gun and blows another two experienced gamers away! Literally what the f…

Yes this sweet little lady was the bringer doom, the angel of death! She is the one that started the destruction of our way of life! The destroyer of worlds! Do not approach! Ever!

Well that was the beginning of the end for us, the two of us left made a quick grab for a couple of stray eggs then very unceremoniously ran like fuck. Leaving Clan Watson to battle the ever increasing zombie horde on their own! And to be fair they only lost one member to a pack of zombie dogs…. so that’s all good then.

All in all a rocking game where us proper gamers had our collective asses handed to us on a rather large plate!

Next time Clan Watson you will not be so lucky!!!

2 thoughts on “Day after the dead..

  1. T’was a game where the saying ‘watch out for the quite, sweet ones’ springs to mind. ‘The Angel of Death’ and ‘where did they come from?’ are looking forward to bringing more death and destruction to human and zombiekind next time.

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