Dawn of the dead..

So table done for tomorrow? Check.

Silly photos to get everybody in the mood? Check!

As all festivals the loo’s down on zombiefarm were in constant use, they were dying to get in there..
Dont go in there! I just dropped one off and it was this big! Glad I dumped it though, it was killing me…
Right, pretty sure we are going to be safe here, what’s that noise?
Pass that box over here, now lets have a little look see… Ah guys..
Oh shit,shit shit! Dont let em get ya!!
Nom nom nom,
What? No fucking service? What the hell do you mean no fucking service? Do you know who I fucking am?
It might not be the sure we can attitude but Dave was pretty sure his nine o clock delivery was not going to happen..
Do you really think you lot are good enough to beat me?
Really? I mean really?

That will do for now, loads more to follow!

Have a good weekend all.

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