I heard a rumour..

That is the one thing about this little hobby of ours that always makes me chuckle, rumours. Now we all do it, trawling the internet/web/back of postage stamps for those little bits of gossip or hints of what is to come. Sometimes I feel like we are akin to those old housewives of days long gone, hanging out the washing whilst passing on the latest bit of news! But the thing about gossip that gets me the most is people read something and then go crazy! For example the rumour mill has been in over drive lately about the new Eldar Codex, (sigh) now dont get me wrong I myself have led my pointy eared warriors to victory, (and losses) but it was not long ago when their last Codex came out! But the rumour is that this new version of the Eldar will have the most D weapons ever! D weapons for those that dont know are big assed nasty Destroyer weapons!

So what? These things will still cost points, ( I know its meant to balance things out but we all know it doesn’t) And already there is uproar, this will unbalance games blah blah blah, unbalance games? You already have that with Knights and flyers and other Lords of war shite!

Until you have the book in your grubby little hands shut the hell up!

But there is an upside to rumours, if they are good ones it means you can start putting away your pennies for that new figure/army/system nice and early! Already I am squirrelling away money for the next Zombiecide Black Plague KickStarter, ( want that bugger so badly!)

In other news check out the latest Weekly Waffle at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp6JJVjaT_o

That is if I have worked out how to link it right! (Pretty sure wife will slap you if it don’t work!)

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