Oh happy days..

Good morning all, and after an alcohol fuelled weekend we are back, BOOM! So what do we have in store this week? Well as you know we have our big zombie game to prepare for, and this brings me to our first port of call, yes baby Zombiecide Black Plague!

Hopefully at the end of May a kickstarter for this new version of our favourite game will be starting, and as you may have guessed yours truly will be sitting by the keyboard waiting to pledge all my hard earned pennies! A game where zombies are running around helped out by Necromancers, and attempting to stop them various heroes armed with swords, crossbows and magical spells! Moist with anticipation? Flooding springs to mind!

Other points raised this weekend in our drunken rantings was, wait for it,

Super-heavies and Flyers in 40k. And the question was this, is there really a place for them outside of Apocalypse sized games? Now don’t get me wrong in my collections I have both, but that is because I like the models! But on the table I am not so sure, and if your opponent is one of those kinds of players how do you deal with them? I read something somewhere, cannot remember where or exact details, but some guy kept playing with three knights in his army! And when this was brought up he was said to have replied with, “If you cant pay, dont play!” Pretty sure this fellow would not be allowed back in our gaming group, (least not with his legs intact!) or maybe I would dig the Titan out and let his opponents use that! But they do unbalance games, even the humble flyer had take over a game if your enemy dose not have a flyer/anti-flyer units.

Of course there is a dirty little trick that can be used, change the battlefields! If someone uses lots of drop pods, do a battle in an underground complex! Fill the table with so much scenery that those big models have difficult moving! Or the old classic, accidentally  knock the model off the table! (joking! Or am I?)

Well that was a rant to start the week! There will be pictures and notes to follow of the zombie table set up, but for now,

Look to the skies and carry a big gun!

Latest youtube film is up, me and Mr P, playing toys, catch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glVCtSNyiXU

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