Blah blah blah and…


Morning , and a hearty welcome to you all, (unless you happen to be a worshipper of the Dark Lords, in which case should you not be out plotting evil deeds and planing to take over the world?) guess what gang, its weekend time again! Wo-hoo! Funny how it comes round every seven or so days, just like clockwork, you wake up and think, bugger me backwards its the weekend again!

And what delights are in store for us this time? Well it is one of those weekends where all gaming is put on pause and we are forced to leave the safety of our padded rooms and step out into the so called real world for social bonding and other such nonsense! Truth be told its catchup time with friends, well mostly friends and other hanger-on-ers.

A weekend with gaming! Oh the horror! But all it really means is us lot sitting in a pub somewhere talking about gaming, so its not a total detox, (shudder at the thought) And we will in no doubt have more fun than a Hobbit eating a sausage! (remember that picture from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play? Still makes me chuckle)

But what about now?  What knowledge to impart to you? Alas dear readers I have none today, apart from a random collection of words which I have tried to put into an amusing order, (yes I know epic fail)  maybe I shall treat you to some more photos of our random silliness? Or perhaps I shall treat you to another story?

Well at least next week you have the treat which is our Zombiecide Easter game! ( Applause!) Which is shaping up to be a ripper of a game! Two teams will battle over a zombie filled city, (using new zombies!) in search of chocolate! (lets face it all survivors need chocolate!) Added rules include, you want the chocolate you gotta get to the chocolate! Winning team is the one that has at least one member still alive, and has the most chocolate! They are free to eat as much as they wont but eaten eggs will not count towards their victory points! Egg- spect lots of photos, and other such silly jokes!

So gang for now, go back and read some off the earlier blogs for your weekend gaming fix, and get over to You Tube to watch our rubbish there!

Now where did I leave my spare liver?

6’s anyone?

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