Khorne cares not…

…from whence the blood flows!

Kal’kath the Wearer of Flesh had assembled his Slaughtercult, this planet would fall, the ground would be awash with blood, and the skulls of the fallen would be stacked high, his name would be carried on the screams of the dying to the ears of Khorne, and he would be content.

So both forces had been set up, cards drawn, dice ritually rubbed and the tea gently cooling in our cups. Yes dear readers it was time for the slaughter to begin! For the Slaughtercult it was a brutal beginning as the traitor basilisks found their range and landing shells with uncanny accuracy, (right amongst my Berserkers, killing all but one of the frothing loonies!) and to add insult to injury that poor lone survivor was then charged by three Chaos Spawn! Never mind its all Blood Tithe points!

Other members of the Slaughtercult quickly dive behind cover as the whine of artillery shells grows louder. Unfortunately the cover did not help as an explosion tore them apart, leaving two marines staring at the bloodied remains of their former companions, Blood for the Blood God

It was looking like it was going to be one of those battles where I cant get anything done till them big tanks of Mr P’s are dealt with, and guess who has not got any tank busting units? Yes me!! Doh! But on a plus point, my cultists were getting slaughtered! So more points! And that Traitor Xorn had given himself wounds from casting his psychic powers! (Oh how I chuckled!

Xorn had taken up a good vantage point in a bombed out factory, his guards with him, naturally. However miscasting powers had reduced him to one wound, already things had started to look bleak. Still what else could go wrong?

Meanwhile the tide, ( a blood red one) was turning, swathes of Bloodletters had arrived, accompanied by a Herald and a pack of Flesh hounds followed! And all these appeared behind the traitors main battle line, ( I can still hear the sound of Mr P slapping his forehead!) The slaughter was beginning

Meanwhile, the Possessed marines had decided to play ring around the Chaos Spawn, a pocket full of flesh-tearing limbs, a tissue, a tissue, to clean off all this gore.

Things were defiantly heading in one direction, a savage and bloody one! The Traitor guard were beginning to look a little lost, would the newly arriving Plaguebearers be able to change the tide? Would the mass of zombies be able to bring down Kal’kath? Well the answer would be a big fat no!

Lets play spot the Chaos lord! (Hint, he is wearing red!) Throwing himself at the huge, (and I mean huge!) zombie unit Kal’cath looked to actually be enjoying himself, then he screamed! Khorne had heard his calls, and turned him into a Bloodthirster! Think Mr P wanted to go home about now!

So with a Bloodthirster now in play and heading towards Xorn, another figure could been seen in the distance tearing up the Basilisks tanks! Yes a Demon Prince had arrived! Think I was nearly skipping round the table at this point! Xorn and his guard were quickly dispatched by the big old bad Bloodthirster, though we are pretty sure Xorn escaped in the chaos to plague us another time, (we like our named characters so may be next time he will start with one less wound or something like that)

And behold another Demon Prince heeds the call to slaughter! And that was the final nail in Mr P’s coffin, with hands thrown in the air and hot tears flowing he fled the table, muttering how he would never play again and how the Codex was too hard! Points was about 12-3.

So is the new Codex overpowered? Maybe? Its it fun? Hell yes! But only if you pick the right things, have a lot of luck and like sacrificing your men to get those Tithe Points to summon them bid demons! Its an army where you can relax when playing because all you want to do is kill! Tactics? Blah! No doubt this is the only time I will win with this list but I had a real blast! Next time Mr P and myself will team up and use the two armies we fielded today as one big 3000 point force!

Blood for the Blood God!

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