A red dawn cometh..

The ruined city of Vesrian Prime had seen months of vicious street fighting, thousands had died in a war that none had seen coming, and a war that nobody had been ready for. But once again the Plague Prophet had appeared, and with his sickly promises had swayed most of the gangs to his side, their numbers would swell the ranks of traitor guard that fought under his banner, and soon the city would fall, then after that the space-port, and with that, Tiberius Xorn, Plague Prophet, favored son of Nurgle would be able to take his festering horde to the stars, and beyond.

Unfortunately for Xorn there are two things that will cause him problems, firstly Mr P is commanding the Nurgle forces, and bless him, but he is not known for winning many games, and secondly and more importantly the Slaughter cult of Kal’kath the Flesh Wearer have arrived on the planet to slay all in the name of the Blood God! Yes loyal readers its time that the new Codex Khorne Demonkin gets its first battle!

I would like to say I have pondered hours over this arcane tome, worn out many a pen scribbling away at army lists, but that would be a great big fat lie! Instead I have thrown a list together from a nice fluffy perspective, (that means something fitting to the background) so unfortunately no bikes or terminators, (thanks to the new way the lists are done, if this does not work I am going back to a combined arms force!) so just an army of (mainly) mortals, but  as the battle goes on and the blood begins to flow the demon forces will begin to arrive, (hopefully)

With the blood flowing I will devour this planet, Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the throne of Khorne!

Sorry, got a little carried away there! Hopefully it will be an entertaining battle, we may well record it for your viewing pleasure, (or not) but there will be plenty of photos!

Kal’kath the Flesh Wearer.

So till the red dawn, keep rolling!

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