Questing time..

As you know yesterday was back to some old school gaming with Warhammer Quest, and I think it was a winner! Sitting the group down and sorting out the heroes we had a group consisting of the five adventures, the barbarian, elf, dwarf and wizard, and joining them on this quest a witch hunter, (played by Mr P, his accent was outrageous, if I ever feel brave enough to put it up on You Tube check it out)

So the quest was a simple one, the group has to get to the fire chasm room, get across the bridge and then destroy it so the goblin hordes could not catch them, sounds easy enough doesn’t it? And truth be told the group really had no trouble till they got to the objective room, (they did not have many encounters on the way) but once there, it went, to put it bluntly, tits up!

The elf tries to run across the bridge, only to slip and get himself burnt from the fires below but manages to pull himself back out, at which point hordes of Orcs and Goblins attack! For a moment things looked bad for the heroes but battling on they managed to defeat the greenskins, but on the downside the witch hunter fell off the bridge to his fiery death! (Oh how we laughed! Mr P’s first death)

The second quest had the heroes, now with a Knight, (and an even more outrageous accent!) off to find a mystical pool that was said to grant visions of the future, again they breezed through the monsters to the pool, where the barbarian died after drinking the poisoned waters! (Unlucky Grant!) However back in the town as the rest of the heroes are shopping, or in the Dwarfs case getting blind drunk in the alehouse! The knight wanders off on his own to examine a ruined church, unfortunately he encounters a Minotaur,several skaven warriors and and bunch of giant rats, needless to say the knight does not return. Death number two for Mr P.

Third quest and the gang have now been joined by an Imperial noble, and yes you guessed it another twatty voice, a quick jaunt into the dungeon to stop an evil demon being summoned, all easy till the end where in a climatic battle between the demon and the dwarf, the noble rushes in to help and gets killed! (Number 3) And the demon falls into a pit which the elf made appear with his magic ring, (behave)

All in all a fun day, rounded off with a couple of games of King of Tokyo, in which Mr P even managed to win one!

Next week will find Mr P and myself battling in 40k to try out my new Khorne Demonkin army, that might even get filmed for your delight!

Happy Easter all!!

Latest video up Mr P attempting an unboxing

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