Nearly, but not quiet..

Oh GW, how you tease us, you promise with one hand and snatch away with the other! Yes loyal readers finally Codex Khorne Demonkin landed on my doormat yesterday, and like Gollum snatching the One Ring, I scampered up to my lair to begin devouring its contents with the hope of emerging later with Khornes blessings and understandings of how to bathe the galaxy in blood!

Things started well, I had even received the datacards! The art was gorgeous and the fluff as usual rocked! Then the lists, oh my favourite bit! (Not really but needs must)

So organization lists are different, you have to have one core choice, Slaughtercult, this in turn then gives you eight, (the number of Khorne, nice touch) auxiliary choices, looks fair enough, till you take a closer look.

With a squad of Terminators sitting on the painting table, under-coated and ready for work, I check the lists, they would come under Brazen Onslaught, which is 1-4 units of Terminators, and 2-4 units of Bloodcrushers, as one auxiliary choice. Now wait a minute, you are saying that if I want to use my Terminators I have to have Two units of Bloodcrushers? Really? Why? That means I have to buy another box of Bloodcrushers! I don’t think so!

The same with my bikes, I have a five man unit, lets check the list, Gorepack, 2-4 units of chaos bikers, 1-4 units of Flesh Hounds. Now come on stop taking the piss! I want to use one bike squad, and now you are forcing me to use/buy another bike squad and at least one squad of Flesh Hounds, to quote a phrase, fuck the fuck off!

Unfair I say, and yet the Blood Tithe points is a lot of fun! Is this list designed like this to sell those poorly selling figures? Or am I just being cynical? But if I want to use my army the way I want  it has to be unbound! Cheers, so I dont get any of the cool detachment rules!

So maybe I am moaning about nothing, but just rough workings I get the Slaughterhost, (1 chaos lord, 2 units of marines, 1 unit of possessed, and 2 units of cultists, all units contain 8 figures) and the Charnel Cohort, (with 1 Herald, 2 units of Bloodletters, 1 unit of Bloodcrushers, and 1 Skullcannon) totalling about 1600 points. And thats not taking anything from the War Engine section! But at least this force is a bound army!

With the bikes and Terminators looking like they are going to be placed in  a box to gather dust, (glad I painted them) I look back and think, this Codex was so very nearly a winner, winner chicken dinner, we will just have to see how it plays, (Mr P get your traitors ready to battle)

Have a good Easter everyone, and gorge yourselves on chocolate!

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