Next please..

So, with her Ladyships dinner all prepared and the esteemed Mr P yet to arrive, (nothing new there then, time, such a strange concept for some) its time to ponder current projects and what comes next!

With only five marine units remaining to be painted for my Khorne horde what does indeed come next? Currently there is nothing new or needed on the 40k front, (really?) and I really am not a fan of the new mechanicus stuff, (really GW its taken you 20 years to release these!) so time to branch out maybe?

Wait a minute there, what about getting your Dropzone Commander armies painted? Well I could, I only have two starting armies and the miniatures are small so they wont take long! Or what about working on your Infinity starting units? Well again small number of them, just lacking the get up and get on with them! (Shame because they are freeking gorgeous!)

And remember with Easter fast approaching that can mean only one thing, yes our Easter Zombiecide battle! So that needs to be sorted out, which really means buying eggs to scatter over the table and to decide if I want/need to make any more scenery for it!

Then of course there is also coming up with interesting articles for you all to read, (epic fail there thus far) and working with Mr P to get more stuff up on You Tube, it really is all go, (you mean got up and gone!) more photos to take and clever photo stories to work on, and at some point I may start GamesMastering again, (hold on lads only said I might) this hobby really does take over all of your spare time, and even if we had the time we could never fit in all the things we want to do! I think I need to retire so I can fit it all in! (Only joking wifey!)

Well boys and girls that will do for now, any subjects/topics you would like Mr P and myself to tackle feel free to let us know, remember we only receive smoke signals out here in the sticks.

Keep on rolling gang.

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