Here we go..

Morning all! And so another week of this thing called life begins, and what will we be encountering I wonder? What gaming goodness awaits us? Buggered if I know, but after a weekend that was mainly sponsored by vodka I hope its a quiet one!

But truth be told as I sit here and wait patiently for the postman, (I swear to all the gods he better have a parcel or three for me!) my fragile little mind begins to drift towards next weekend and the gangs first bash at Warhammer Quest. Now by now you will Know my view on such fantastic games so I wont bother repeating words I have written before, (lazy I know) but what I am looking forward to is the lack of preparation that I have to do! (Big smiley face!) Our 40k battles have me setting up tables days before the games so I can get them looking good, (that is until players arrive and insist on putting their armies on the tables,along with dice, templates, pizza and beer) but in Quest, all I have to do is sort out a few figures, (now where is that Bloodthirster?) and sort cards into the correct piles, the dungeon and the quest will be randomly rolled for so for once I can almost relax!

The down side of having such a quick set up is firstly, the gang will be able to get several games in, (bugger) and secondly this allows for extra spare time during the week, which in turn means more dog walking, housework, (bah) and more painting red! But at least I don’t have to  waste time rereading the rulebooks!

Well dear readers that will do to start the week off, I am sure there will be much more sillyness to follow, but for now the kettle is gently boiling in the kitchen and I have a table of Khorne demons to get put away, and a box of Warhammer Quest to find!

Now where did I put my lantern?

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