Beware the bear..

Hurrah! The weekend is almost upon us and what delights does it hold? Well lets see, we have the release of Codex Khorne Demonkin, and from the little rumours online, (no Mr P not those ones involving you) it looks like finally GW may have done something right for a change, but until the book is nestled in my clammy palms I will hold judgement.

Still awaiting the arrival of that damn Bloodthirster! Think the bloody thing has vanished into the warp, which does not bode well as I am really running out of patience with red, at this rate I am going to have to paint it some other colour, (bright blue maybe)

Now a warning to you all, Bear has taken over The Weekly Waffle on You tube, I have no idea what the hell he is playing at, but it is slightly amusing, so go check it out!

As for me, no gaming this weekend! (Sad face, very sad face) Which means one thing, beer! (Happy face, very happy face!) But fear not humble reader I will not be forgetting out you! Somehow I shall attempt to come up with something witty to keep you entertained!

Argh! Just remembered that Mr P wants to run a Dropzone Commander starter session for the guys soon, so that means I am going to have to get painting  the rest of my Scourge force, ho-hum. But we have a Warhammer Quest day coming up before then so I have plenty of time! (There is never enough time!)

So in finishing for today remember, DONT FEED THE BEAR!!!

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