From humble beginnings..

So this is where our version of the acclaimed Zombiecide started from, a simple printed road and a paper taxi, add a couple of figures and the ideas started flowing..
And then it began to grow, we started with a couple more road sections, and got hold of a few more buildings..
I think it was round this point that we realised we had a monster on our hands, and things were going to get out of control! But what the hell, we wanted bigger…
It seemed only fair that the undead had some fast food, so we had somewhere for the heroes to get to during the missions that might have supplies for them, supplies and zombies!
So with enough scenery now to cover a small planet, it was time to see how the transition from board game to apocalypse style battle game!
A quiet street, could be any town, anywhere. But for the heroes this was the beginning of the zombie outbreak..
The heroes made the most of the eerie silence, searching abandoned vehicles for anything that could be of use, they even thought about raiding the bigger buildings, but decided against it…
But the silence was not to last, in the distance the groans of the approaching undead could be heard, and the heroes decide the zombies are far enough away for the moment and continue looting…
With zombies fast approaching, the heroes begin to open fire with their limited weapons, causing noise, lots of lovely zombie attracting noise…
And once them zombies have heard you there is no escape! The walking corpses were homing in on the heroes from all over the city. To say things were looking grim was a slight understatement…
With helicopters crashing out of the sky, heroes falling by the wayside, the end was inevitable, saying that some did indeed escape the zombie filled city to live and fight another day…
Well most of them did, except Mr P, but he does get the most cinematic death award. Standing on top of an abandoned car, blasting away at the hordes of zombies surrounding him! Fantastic stuff, indeed the stuff of legends! However…
If this little gentleman ever wants to play Zombiecide with you, let him by all means, but never, ever, let him draw the cards for the zombie spawn points! Simply because the little bugger will draw every nasty card there is in the deck one after the other! So that our trip down zombie lane for now, next big game is somewhere around Easter, so keep an eye out for the review.

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