More silliness…

And because you have been good, (or as near as damn it) here follows some pictures of nearly random stuff.

So, methinks that this could be our 40K project, I dont think however people would be too happy if we smashed it to rubble and got our little men out to battle in in ruins! So unfair!
Really? Come on guys this is only half of my Orcs, where the hell are the rest going to go? And if anyone says reserves there will be slappings involved! WWAARRRGGGHHH!!!
This was the mock up for our own Zone Mortalis battle field, all we did was take all the bulkheads from Necromunda and the other earlier card buildings and simply slotted grey sprayed card into place! Simple, cheap and does exactly what it says on the tin. Did I mention it was cheap?
DA-DADADADAR DA_DADADAR. (You get the idea) One of the things in my Orc army that sometimes is actually useful! In other words it has not blown up or crashed, yet!
This was one of our busier ice battlefields, yes that is two of the original card buildings that Gw released, (about the time mankind was crawling out of the primordial soup) Funny thing is I have no idea what the sides were or who won! (must have been me though)
First real attempt at using the old airbrush on scenery, this is the stuff from Deadzone, it all looks pretty and it really is, however I found it a real pain in the arse to get together, but I blame that on arthritic thumbs and my I cannot be arsed attitude! But seriously it is lovely scenery!
Anything you can do, GW will do better/bigger, certainly more expensive! Again all very, very nice. Glad I had the airbrush for this little lot! Funny thing is, its never even been invloved in a battle yet! Why do we do it?
Aw bless, one from sometime ago, busy working on Space Wolves and White Scars, nothing like a messy work place to know you are alive! And no, that is not just cola in that there glass, but I did deserve it damnit!
Let this be a warning, if you drink and game, someone, someday will have revenge on you and your much loved hair will remove itself from your presence! (Dont worry readers, Mr P was very drunk but he did ask me to do it! He really did! Scouts honour!
Yes boys and girls, first attempt at the Infinity miniatures, and all I can say is gorgeous! Even with my half arsed painting!

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