So here we go for another ramble, (and I am not talking about the walking pointlessly around in circles in the wilderness sort) and today’s victim is, yes you guessed it, inspiration. Now again this can be split down into several categories, but we shall throw our hammer at the little bugger that is know as the dreaded painting block!

Well thats a big old can of worms we have just opened there is it not? So the question is dear reader, how do you get through that block? How do you batter your way through that barrier which prevents your finally painted army from shining on the field of battle and crushing your enemies? (Or suffering the curse of the newly painted figure!) How? Buggered if I know! I was hoping someone could tell me, because dear reader, I have not only hit that wall, but feel like the wall has collapsed upon me and Dwarven Engineers are rebuilding it on top of me!

But why are you struggling? You ask, simple. Red. Without mincing words I fecking hate it! I hate it more than white! I hate it more being in the free buffet line behind a bunch of ravenous Hobbits! I hate it more than your finger going through the toilet paper! (yes, that much!) I really, really hate red. And the best bit is I have no idea why! I mean I cant even use that favoured, oh it just dose not cover very well, saying, because it goes on great! I should have remembered when I painted my Khorne demons I felt like screaming at the end of it! Should have remembered, (sighs whilst gently shaking head)

So how to move on? How to pick up that brush and carry on slapping the good old red stuff back on them marines, easy, buy something else that I really want and tell myself once these are painted I can get working on the new thing! Nice idea but we all know what path that leads down, yes the path where I say bugger those marines I want to open my new stuff! (the joy of willpower!)

As the ramble comes to a mess end, (very similar to that buffet line!) I still have no idea how to get past my hatred of red, (why have I dedicated my soul to Khorne? Why oh why not Nurgle and his wonderful greens?) so this one goes out to you all, how do you do it?

Answers, on a post card, or stuck down envelope, and stapled to a greased Hobbit, or you could just leave a message below, either or.

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