Back to basics..

Well hello to you loyal reader(s), today my musings are going back, into history past, (yes that’s from? I remember, but do you? Answers on a sealed envelope stapled to a pig) delving into the dark we go.

By now you will know of my fondness for all old games, (its an age thing Im told) and you will also know that I shall be introducing my current Battle Brothers to the beauty of Warhammer Quest, and I must say that I am slightly moist with anticipation! Ah the joy of watching the heroes battling their foes in the darkness of some deep and grotty dungeon! But what I am looking forward to is getting the group to play them characters, and for some I think this is a better introduction to role-playing.

Most of the games we run  are gritty and dark, and can be intense, and if you are relativity new to this it can be intimidating. An off-handed silly comment at a wrong time can spell disaster for a group in a serious game, simply because the player was not paying attention/grabbing pizza/raiding the fridge for beer etc. In that type  of game the GM will make sure there are pauses between the action for you to do this, so concentrate!

And this brings me back to Quest, a simple dungeon bash, but with the scope for the players to chat about real world stuff, and time for them to play in character, “By the Gods, here come more Orcs! Ready yourselves brothers! Oi Parker, get me another beer!” See? In this time of game it works, it would not work if you tried that in Middle Earth, of Earthdawn.

The only trouble is will the Old World still be the same one we all know and love? With the changes to Warhammer Fantasy happening as we speak, (and no, I have none of the end of times books so I would not know!) Will there still be a need for heroes to boldly go and do hero things, or more to the point, where will they do these feats of greatness? I guess only time will tell, but if I dont like the new, old world?  then my heroes will be questing in the old, old world!

You may get more insights into our quests, you may not, only the winds of fate can decide.

So brothers and sisters, don your armour and ready your weapons,prepare your potions and spells, fate calls for heroes, but will you answer?

Keep rolling.

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