Oh the horror..

Come one come all and welcome to you all! Its time for, (drum roll, or fig roll if you prefer) the weekend round up! And if you blinked you just missed it! Only joking! Onwards dear readers!

Well there was no table top battles this weekend, (boo!) however the venerable Mr Underwood was running a role-playing session for us, a work of his own mashed up from several different system, (it works really well!) very Discworldish, lots of guilds and the like, and our group was a freshman group of thieves, two humans, one dwarf, one satyre and one female, drop dead gorgeous elf! laughed so much I think I ruptured a kidney!

Also played at battling through the hordes of the undead to survive in Last Night on Earth, and as you may have guessed, playing with fools who have been partaking in alcohol all afternoon is not good for the soul, (I mean look at the picture!) but I was controlling the zombies so victory was mine! (Hurrah!)

And now looking at the calendar and seeing most of the following weekends to come involve either battles or outings, (highly overated!) I must decide on my next projects, well with the upcoming release of the new Codex Khorne Demonkin, it only leaves me one choice, yes its time to dig out the demons, repaint some chaos marines, and gather the meatshield that will be my cultists and prepare to slaughter in the name of Khorne! (And hopefully with the new rules we might actually win some battles!)

And the urge is rising again, (no, not the one to kill, but now you mention it..) no dear readers the urge to GM again is slowly rising, been reading Necromunda again and I remember running it as an Rpg (role-playing game) years ago and it was a lot of fun, this time with a group who either mostly know what Necromunda is, or are very experienced players that they could play anything! Very tempting indeed, I will let you know what I decide.

So now its time to sign off, need to plan the weekly waffle for You Tube, and need to decide on my co-host, will it be Mr P? Or will it be the fluffy one again.  In case you missed the episode with the stand in host, go check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa1Mpl24wb0 Let us know who you prefer!

Keep on rolling.

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