Blood for the Blood God..

Now readers after watching Mr Kyle this morning, (and wishing that the ‘guests’ were consumed by Khorne’s demons) it got me thinking about one of my neglected armies, my demons of Khorne, and how it was time to get them bloodied again, time again to feel the splatter of my foes blood, to deafen myself with their death screams, (steady there fella!), ha carried away there, sorry!

So getting the band out again and a nasty realisation hits me, now other demon armies have heralds/princes etc that are spell users, so have access to summoning powers, (nothing like getting units for nothing!) but as a follower of the Blood God we have none. Hmm, fine, well what about allies? Let me see, no, because we abhor magic users! So any turn up we would be required to slaughter them and claim their skull for the Brass Throne!

Now this is beginning to look like an unfair advantage if you ask me, but then again I have always felt that way and feel a little sorry the bloodied ones, lets face it a Bloodthirster is no way near scary enough if you ask me, after all it is meant to be a greater demon of war and death and general nastiness!

So is this fixable? How can the followers of the Blood God get them free demon units that other armies are getting? Why have we been forsaken? We do not even have missile weapons for crying out loud! (Oh wait, we have the Skull Cannon, woop!) But we are a melee orientated army, but come on help us out a little here! I want a full Khorne army, with extra demons available! How about giving us extra models if we destroy units in hand to hand combat? Or even some kind of wargear that grants us reinforcements? Give us something!

So with codex Khorne Demonkin coming out soon, I have no faith in any of the above issues will be addressed, but I live in hope, so until I have that blood covered tome in my hands,

Blood for the Blood God!

Skulls for the Throne of Khorne!

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