Should we waste this Kickstarter?

Another day another Kickstarter, gentle readers. Before you set your brains to autopilot, this one is a little different. It’s for a new game. When I say a new game, I mean it. It’s not by an established company that’s really just using it as a pre-order system. It’s not a second wave of releases for a current game. It’s not even a game based on a film, comic or existing franchise that while apparently new, is actually being set up by a subsidiary company with a huge budget behind it. It’s the first game produced by the fledgling Thunderchild Miniatures. Here’s a glimpse to get you going:

If you’re interested for more then go straight to this page and have a look: As i’m sure you’ve noticed this game has a certain pulpy-retro charm. There’s elements of post-apocalyptic goodness like Mad Max, Fallout 3 and the Cursed Earth from Judge Dredd. There’s some cool robots, funky mutants and I really like the guys in hazmat suits. One of the things that appeals is the use of M.A.D. cards. These emphasise the quirky nature of the irradiated wasteland by having crazy things happen. Abduction by aliens, huge tornado or malfunctioning robot-rampage anyone? These give nice tactical options and add to the feeling of the wold. Speaking of which, how about bases with rad-markings on them or bottlecaps for counters? Works for me.

Now are these the best models you’ve ever seen? Does it have the best artwork? While you may not think so, remember this. It is all created by one man, a Mr Jason Fairclough. All the art, model design and ruleset. Everything. The sculpts are hand done without the use of Computer Assisted Design programs. In my humble opinion, this is exactly what Kickstarter should be for. This guy has a love for what he’s done and needs the investement funds to start this game off right. Whilst I’m loving the look of Blood Rage, for example, Guillotine Games could have simply released it for retail as normal. It was clearly ready for production already and they’re a well established game company. It’s basically a pre-order. WasteMan needs it’s Kickstarter to work to make it a viable project. Should we, the gaming public, give him a hand?

Will you be buying into WasteMan? Should the big companies make room for the little guys on Kickstarter? Is it a shame that small producers like this might slip through the net? As always, let us know in the comments below and the best answer will win the chance to be turned into a mutant…or die from radiation poisoning. No guarantees I’m afraid.

Until next time gentle readers.

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