Good things..

Come to those that wait, bah I say bah! Well I am still waiting for my Zombiecide kickstarter things to arrive, (port strikes so they say!) But thats not the companies fault so I am not blaming them, I am not really blaming anybody, I like parcels sometimes being late, you see with my failing memory if I forget..

Haha, got ya! As I was saying, if I forget a parcel its like a little surprise when you least expect it, (like finding that mince pie down the side of the bed from Christmas! Yummy!) and now with the Blood Rage kickstarter backed,  funded and finished I now have another parcel to look forward to, (and forget about!) Problem is I really, really want this game! (but is it just so you can run a Mordheim style Viking skirmish game with the figures? Well that would be telling!)

So in the vid we did today,  we mentioned old school games, like Necromunda and Warhammer Quest. Now I still very much love these games and I’m sure you all have old games, both war-gaming and role-playing that you fondly remember, now here is a crazy idea, get em out! (No that is not what I meant!) Lets face it there are times when chatting to the boys, and an old game gets mentioned and quizzical looks cover their faces, and you get a sudden urge to run/play those games again, but it never happens! Why is that? Is it because we think that the games we play now are better? Not enough time? Or is it because we have too much choice? Now that is the nail in the coffin isn’t it? Time and choice.

So, what I am saying is simply this, make a little time for the old stuff, re-introduce the older systems, don’t resign some of these little gems to the gaming cupboard/shelf of doom to gather dust, as I said, get em out!

Well that’s me done for now, time to plumb the depths of the cupboard to see what lurks there, and prey to the gods that I don’t find Mr P hidden there, because, and lets face it, that would be both weird and scary!


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