More blood on the ice…

So my fellow gamers, thank the gods it is Sunday! Yesterday saw the group playing a bigger battle using the Battlemallet rule system and I must say, through the fog of war, lashings of pizza, and chasing the hound around the table attempting to retrieve Mr P’s cake! And, if truth be told, slightly more alcohol than is strictly necessary, a good time was had by all, (and if they did not, well they should have drunk more!)

The battle itself was 3000 points of Dark Eldar and Harlequins, against 3000 points of marines, from Blood Angel, Raven Guard and Grey Knight chapters, (I was meant to be playing the Harlequins, but after the tense battle the day before, and needing to take photos throughout the game, I gallantly stepped aside to let Mr P don his pointy ears and squeeze into his diamonded panties)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear..

What a battle it turned out to be! (I never had much hope for the bad guys) With not much being on the table to start with, (both sides deciding to put faith in their reserves, which we do slightly different, you nominate a unit and decide which turn you would like them to arrive on,then roll for them on that turn) but on turn two, marine drop pods began descending through the planets icy sky, and Dark Eldar began to pour through the webway.100_1358Now for me things started to get a little blurry from here on in, (cant think why) but I do clearly remember the marine assault ram blazing on, a Dark Eldar venom transport in its sights,and as the huge vehicle ploughed into the the much smaller vessel, imagine the roars of laughter as it bounces off the venoms flickerfield shielding! Oh how we giggled! It was like seeing a Star Destroyer bounce off an X-wing! Such fun!

The eater of cake.
The eater of cake.

With shots traded and the clash of combat, (Dread Knight getting battered by a Solitaire) it was looking to close to call, by turn four all I could see of the table was the underneath and peoples feet! (joking) With time against us, (players needing to rush off to local drinking establishments for karaoke) we decided one more turn! And what a turn it was to be! The Dark Eldar had been severely reduced in number, the marines were still battling on, but then with one roll the Blood Angel commander was slain, giving the final victory to the bad guys! Yes the Dark Eldar had won!

I am sure we have learnt a thing or two from the game, and a few rule tweeks may be needed, (thinking about a time limit for planing?) But it was fun! Next time we are going back to visit Warhammer Quest! And I cant wait!

So, till next time,

6 is the magic number. 

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