What the…

Afternoon all, and I hope this little chat finds you all well and watered. Today was meant  to be a chat about stuff, but alas Mr P arrived and as usual things went kind of tits up!

However, we did manage to get another video instalment for you all, (slowly uploading as we speak) covering this weeks activities, (such as our first Infinity game, damn I think I am really going to like that game!) and getting the table ready for Saturdays battle, which for those of you interested is a 3000 v 3000 point game between Dark Eldar and Space Marines, (well I think our pointy eared ones are going to get a real kicking!), when suddenly our dirty little minds came up with visions of zombies trudging through the snowy wastes and a small group of intrepid heroes fighting their way to the research base to discover how this outbreak happened!

And quicker than you could shout, “Who wants seconds?” at a Hobbits dinner, Mr P and I have raided the Zombiecide boxes and we put words into face-paced action and just go for it! The first few turns, It was going really well, but then slowly the undead began to surround us and it was looking bleaker than the dishwasher at the afore mentioned dinner! But with some fantastic shooting and posing, we managed to beat our way through, claim all three objectives and escape, with all four heroes still alive! Go team us!

There you go, a simple table set up lead to a spontaneous zombie game that rocked! Goes to show you never know where that next brilliant idea will come from!

So go my pretties, go create!!

Aim for the head!
Aim for the head!
Oh yes, four surviviors baby!
Oh yes, four survivors baby!

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