In days of old..

Sitting at the workbench yesterday, (assembling Dark Eldar for one of the group, even though he has broken the pc, yes Chris I’m talking about you!) I happen to look up at the ominous groaning coming from one of the shelves, and my weary eyes settled on this old favourite, Warhammer Quest, and the old grey matter started ticking.

The task of turning war-gammers to role-players, which you would have thought would have been easy, in reality is not. Well that’s not really truthful, some of them have got the idea, and some wouldn’t have a clue if you scratched it out on a scroll and nailed it to the side of a multicoloured dragon!

Maybe the problem is trying to get new(ish) players trying to sprint whilst wearing full plate armour and avoiding hordes of blood-thirsty Orcs to rescue the princess from being murdered by some evil mage, before they can even crawl? I know we want to play deep games but the novices let us down, but it is not their fault, we are just pushing them to far to fast.

From humble beginnings, so in essence new players need to be broken in gently, (ho-hum that came out wrong! Doh! So did that!) And this brings us nicely back to where I was trying to get, back to Warhammer Quest, a board game, a miniatures game, and a role-playing game! Come on, that’s a winner right there! Simple game play, lots of treasure cards, encounter cards, lavishly illustrated room tiles, (so moist right now, so glad I have two copies!) it really is the perfect introduction! And if you do play with a mix of novice/experienced players, the experienced players can dial their poor overworked brains down a little and have a little fun, and eventually, novices will no longer be novices and they will be ready to take their place along side the crusty veterans of your group and you as a GM can start running those really hard to solve/nasty adventures that you have been saving all these years, and with luck the new boys will not let you down!

So friends, get those starting sets down and dusted off and get playing!

You know how this ends….


2 thoughts on “In days of old..

  1. If you fancy a challenge, by all means on the other 3 weekends a month train the group. Good luck with that, but they are getting better. If it wasn’t so personal there’s an article about how different people are better at role-playing than others, and how some improve other time and some don’t.


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